December 12th, 2012


The world conspires to mad me pt 472

Oh LJ, stay as useful as you are. Deleted my cookies in an attempt to get Facebook to behave. Had to re-log-in to a buncha websites including LJ. Promptly comes an email from them, which I quote with copy pasta exactitude:
We noticed that someone logged in to your LiveJournal account from a new device or location. Detailed information about this login:

Country: [country]
Internet service provider: [ISP]
IP address: [ip]
This in spite of multiple log-ins from this, my home computer.

Tell me again about this brave new world that hath such devices in it?

(Also WTF AVG? You spend fifteen minutes a day updating, to the great loss of data in whatever I have open, but now your pop-up wants me to-- wait for it-- update?)