December 9th, 2012



The local super, once an honest Italian grocery but for the last four years an upscale yuppies' paradise (with, still, a wide selection of pasta, but now organic non-GMO and occasionally tri-coloured in unlikely shades) has had designer potato chips for a while, but only recently moved into designer sausages. And I have only recently acquired sausage cravings, mostly to stuff my squashes with but often just for bangers and mash. But I am disappoint. The turkey ones were good but pricey at $8 and change for three. The chicken ones lacked that pork-like oomph, and poultry doesn't provide enough fat to fry them in successfully. Nor do I intend to buy made-on-the-premises elk and boar meat sausages: they sound like a recipe for disaster.

But the pork ones had problems too. No I don't want chipotle or parmesan in my sossidges, much less hot Italian whatevers, much less extra lean hot Italian whatevers. The 'chef special Toulouse herbes de Provence' were as bland as if they'd been veal. Finally I went with Happy Pig sausages-- ie Rowe Farms, whose happy pigs produce lovely ham even as they turn into indifferent bacon. I'm pleased to report that Happy Pig sausages are just fine, thank you, even if they don't fry very fat either. But now I wonder where one can get uncased sausage meat for turkey stuffing, because the super only has Cotechino, which I personally don't trust.
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