December 3rd, 2012


The Days of Miracles and Wonder part 2

So now I know about e-bank transfers. I don't trust technology, and there seems something scary about providing an email address and suddenly having money sent to a bank account whose number I have *not* disclosed. So when someone says last night at ten 'I'm sending it now, you'll see it inside 30 minutes' and I don't, not then and not this morning and not this afternoon either, what am I to think but that my money has vanished into the ether? (This is how the Midnight Mayor makes his salary, I'm sure-- the Angels grab the bank transfers as they fly through the phone wires in a stutter of bytes.)

What I should have thought, and what I would have thought had I not been paralyzed by technophobia, is 'If an email fails to appear, check your spam filter.' So all's well that ends well, but the whole process makes me wibbly.
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