August 1st, 2012

ima ichiko shikigami

In which I am horticultural

Sunday I went to Fiesta Farms and bought lettuce and zucchini seeds. I soaked them in water overnight, which they say gives late seeds a bit of an edge, and planted them in the swimming pool on Monday. Tuesday God watered them, or possibly drowned them-- the rain this summer is either none or in excess. We shall see how they fare. Equally this evening my two doors north neighbour decided this was a good time to uproot the gargantuan lavender bushes that overspill her front boxes, and as she'd promised them to me, I planted them in my front garden next to the sidewalk, where they might get sun. 'Keep watering them,' my neighbour advised. 'All the first year. Even if you think they're dead, they'll come back next year.' We shall see.
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