July 21st, 2012

birthday croc from TTG 07

Good, Bad, Good, Bad

Good: finished Toujin Yashiki, Hatsu Akiko's strange Chinese tales set in NY and England (though the dragon king's daughter's pool isn't connected to her father's sea, so he doesn't come visiting. I think that's in another collection.) Pleasant resonant fluff, as Hatsu often is-- though maybe that's a gaijin's POV, and the very lack of there there is what one should prize about her works.

Bad: am finding Fly-by-night slow and uneasy-making, or possibly slow because uneasy-making. I have no guarantee that horrors will not abound in the present as they have in the past. But I can't stop reading. People who go to suspense and horror films invite this kind of experience, but I could never see what the fun of it is.
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