July 7th, 2012


My head is bloody but unbowed

1. The thing about last week's heat is that it was erratic-- every other day, for no discernible reason. Mon Weds Fri infernos; Tues and Thurs pleasantly seasonable, and in the latter case cloudy too, so the kids went out without hats. And now we're set for a moderate week. More rain would be appreciated. Though across-the-street neighbour, a porch-sitting 91, says people aren't watering their lawns this year, and ascribes it to the city having replaced all the water meters last year. Do not see the logic myself, but there may be something in it.

2. I have a new philodendron plant! Nobody sells philodendrons-- the last one I saw was four years ago, and someone else nabbed it before I could buy. This one is young and green and bunchy. I like philodendra because they're the one plant I can't kill. Still have a descendant of my first, from 1985, long and stringy and stretching towards the sun in my dining room, but alive. Need to find exactly how much sun these guys need, because it always seems either too much or too little.
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foxfire foxes

Finished 'Whispers Underground'

One thing I did like about Happy Beaver was the random and frequent pop culture shout-outs, most of which I didn't get, I grant you. But Carey referenced Leonard Cohen at least twice, so go him. Aaronovitch turns out to do it too, and for me better, by working in the Low King of the Dwarfs at a very appropriate place.

Synchronicity also gets a look-in with that talking fox line. On account of the first 100 Demons story in the new volume is all about the fox spirit mother and daughter, the ones who study flower arrangement and tea ceremony