July 1st, 2012


Hot weather makes me cranky

Mh yeah, that 'OMG they passed Obamacare, this country is screwed, I'm moving to Canada!' thing was funny in its way. Do indeed come to the country where healthcare for everyone is taken straight out of your paycheque, dude. What you don't know can make your blood pressure skyrocket. But for long-standing historical reasons, it steams me just a titch. It confirms the suspicion that for many people, Canada is a place that exists solely for the convenience of Americans who don't like it at home. Actual conditions here are a closed book to them; as, no doubt, is the fact that we have a different currency. (Schadenfreude at least makes me very happy that stores here value the American buck at 90 cents Canadian and not 1.10, 1.20, or 1.50. Revenge is sweet.)
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