May 13th, 2012


A Madness of Angels

nojojojo is right, A Madness of Angels is-- erm, not necessarily a better book than The Midnight Mayor, but meatier, more hefty, and rather more satisfying in ways that defy description and thus give rise to misleading blurbs. Its action is also easier to follow, given the 'pick off these guys' structure, until it stops being so. (Truly, Midnight Mayor is like an action film; I truly couldn't have told you what happened where and when even as I was reading it. Thus it's probably a good thing that Griffin ramps up her descriptions perhaps more than necessary: the onslaught of adjectives slows down some of the non-stop mayhem, blood-letting, and running away from badnasties.) There being, to my mind, less mayhem and blood-letting in A Madness (but quite as much running), I found myself skipping passages. Some people are never satisfied. And because I'm never satisfied, I shall continue with my nitpicks under the cut. Collapse )

But the appearance of archetypes (you know who they are) pleased me mightily in this one, and London felt rather more Londonish than in the other book. That's a bit more like it, that is.