April 18th, 2012

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We are so lightly here

The odd thing about reading the Tiffany Aching books after a fast romp through the witches series is how much darker the former is than the latter. It's supposed to be YA (though the cover blurb about 'teen witch Tiffany' makes me cringe rather) and I suppose it is, in the way that YA always seems to deal with Problems. Dark things pop up in the witches series-- fairies and vampires and the like-- but Granny and Nanny snap their fingers at them. Granny and Nanny are there in Tiffany's world, but it's a much less genial or even safe place notwithstanding.

I suppose it's because Tiffany is the protagonist, and however unflappable she may be basically, she's still a witch growing into her powers and finding what prices must be paid. That side of witchcraft is a recurrent but secondary theme in the witches books-- Granny Weatherwax, basically; though I've often wondered what Nanny's story was, and what sacrifices she had to make, if any. With them, though, it's all a happened: choices made for better or for worse. With Tiffany it's happening, and it makes for pretty comfortless reading.
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