February 11th, 2012

hasui snow scene

Several things make an entry

1. One can't call Leonard Cohen's voice melodious, but on some albums he's more melodious than others; or maybe it's just his back-ups are. There are only two Cohens I can listen to in their entirety-- Songs of and Various Positions-- and I note that both those are associated with seminal years in my life. Ten New Songs is close behind; there are two tracks I always skip because their sound irks me, but the rest are magical. I can't listen to The Future or I'm Your Man at all (except for Everybody Knows); if there's a song in there, it doesn't make it past the voice and the arrangements. Of the other albums, I like either the obscure tracks (The Story of Isaac, The Partisan, Seems so longs ago, Nancy from Songs from a Room) or the well-known ones: Chelsea Hotel & Who by Fire from New Skin, Last Year's Man & Famous Blue Raincoat from Love and Hate. There's four albums I've never heard, not counting the new one. I may hope for some gold among them, maybe.
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