February 9th, 2012

intrepid goujun from kagenami

How badass is this?

Quotes without linking:
While researching the 13th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War looking for more information about my great-great grandfather... a small note caught my attention. Soon I was reading about a Canadian woman, a Michigander, Civil War Private Franklin Thompson, a black man, an Irish peddler woman, a black mammy, a spy, a male nurse, a female nurse, and the only female member of the GAR. To my amazed surprise, it was all the same person: Sara Emma Edmonds. She disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the 2nd Michigan Infantry, Company F.
And then disguised herself as a black man, using silver nitrate to darken her skin, and infiltrated the Confederate camp as a spy.

Monstrous Regiment, meet John Howard Griffin.