January 19th, 2012

birthday croc from TTG 07

My heavens

AMLA has disappeared from yahoo groups. Or possibly I, the list maintainer, have somehow been bounced from AMLA. But so far it appears to be gone.

In other news, I have two Hasui calendars hanging on my walls. Well, four, actually, because 2009 and 2010 have been turned to my favourite prints therefrom. The other two, 2011 and 2012's, arrived from kickinpants earlier this week, which is commendably fast (it usually takes two weeks plus to get anything here from Seattle.) I suppose it was because she sent them traceable and requiring signature. She also gifted me with a personally dedicated volume of Connie Willis short stories (where have you been, TTG?) and Havemercy. I take it this is Lady Jaida turned pro? It is all very lovely and I am extremely happy, especially with Hasui's Meiji Iris Garden and the rainy hot springs. This outfit rather tends to fixate on Hasui's snow and temple scenes-- there's four each in both calendars-- which I think is a mistake. Seen one red temple in snow with umbrella-carrying kimono-clad woman and you've seen them all.
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