January 15th, 2012


Mostly Holmes

1. Friday I wanted canon Holmes to read and the bookstores didn't have The Sign of Four, so I went to the library. There are 620-something returns for The Sign of Four in the catalogue. 48 of those are circulating, which means 580-some are not. Nor are the circulating books all The Sign of Four. Most are translations, some are commentaries. Pfft.

But I wanted canon Holmes to read, in a dead-tree format, so I picked up A Study in Scarlet from BMV. The Oxford Classic Study in Scarlet. I should have looked inside first, but I didn't, and so found myself assailed by asterisks on every page. Oxford Classics are footnoted, which is bad enough, but not footnoted with numbers, which is worse. It's as bad as the King James Bible I bought ages back that has all the names divided phonetically and everything Christ said printed in red. That's the definition of unreadable right there.
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