January 7th, 2012

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino

'My time of day is the dark time, a couple of deals before dawn'

Cat Valente has a post about how 4:30 in the morning is her time and how she resists going to sleep before that. How well I remember the feeling-- start writing or translating at 11 pm and work till 3 or 4 (and, in Japan, take my finished work to the conveni to make copies.) Then go to bed and sleep 5-6 hours and wake as refreshed as if I'd gone to bed at midnight. In fact, that's what I did Thursday night: read till 4, slept till 9:15, went off to work. But I grow old. Last night I read till 2 and then slept till 10:30 and there went the morning. Mind, in summer I'd have woken up, because in summer I wake up with the light, whether or no. Why this doesn't work in winter I have no idea.
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