December 21st, 2011

pissy red dragon from tammylee

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LJ, you lying liar who lies, you said S2 users would still have headings for their comments. And you said nothing about removing the preview button or changes to font size in the entry headings or fricking thumbnails for the user pics. If this is a way to cut down on commenting, lord but you've hit that nail on the head.

ETA: Camwyn says it best.

More on The Changes

You can keep the subject line and drop-down menu if you change your LJ style. Trouble is I like my LJ style as it is. OTOH, incandescens also seems to use punquin elegant, and her comments pages remain (more or less) the same. The problem seems to be those of us who kept Xcolibur, the useful Xcolibur with its nice blue strip at the top. Posting from Xcolibur is as it ever was; commenting from Xcolibur limits one's options completely.

Somewhere in the bowels of those drop-down menues is a way to stop using Xcolibur: but I don't want to do that either.

Later: found it. And no, changing to vertical or whatever doesn't give me back my subject lines. Puzzley puzzle. Oh-- and if you unclick Xcolibur, the option vanishes. Argity argh.