November 4th, 2011

hasui saitama mountains

Listies again

1. There's a long list of everyday stuff that I hate doing, for no good reason but that I do, and in spite of the fact that when it's done the pleasure is out of all proportion to the minor expenditure of energy.

a. Pumping the bicycle tires.
b. Cooking stir fry. (All the dreary chopping, like taping and priming before you're allowed to paint.)
c. Washing dishes. Every day. No *end* to it.
d. Flossing my bridge. Flossing my teeth I've at last turned into a reflex, but the bridge requires more psychic energy than I have.
e. Vacuuming. I put this down to the decrepit state of the vacuum machine; something shiny and new, with attachments that come off easily, might remove the wanhope of the exercise.

I shall note that I did the first three last night, go me.
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