June 23rd, 2011

jiip happy


Well, *that* was the essence of nothing at all. Supposed to take fifteen minutes; I'd be surprised if it was ten. Unlike my aged neighbour, I still think it's worse than the dentist, but then she was well-sedated and not there, and I... was not, and was. Interesting LSD colour effects and no pain, but the unavoidable thought of what was going on rendered the experience less than pleasurable.

(Am typing with one eye closed, because I'm supposed to stay off the net today so as not to upset the light sensitive operated eye. Not that hard, but am glad I'm still bi-ocular. Must also avoid lifting more than five pounds/ 2.5 kilos, meaning the bicycle is now getting soaked in the rain, being locked to the back stairs up which I may not lift it for ten days. Poor Bikos.)