May 21st, 2011

goujun by ayonoi

The last anniversary

From childhood on, Lot's wife me has always had private anniversaries to celebrate, or so I thought. I was being all melancholy about the lack of memorable moments in the last ten years until I realized that my anniversaries pretty much began and ended with the 90s and Japan. Even my entry into Saiyuki fandom has an arbitrary date on it because I really don't know exactly when I got bit. And anyway that was 2000, a long way back.

Memorable dates are now caused by operations and catastrophes, and serve as time markers rather than occasions for nostalgia; any nostalgia going attaches to months, none of them that recent either. But one hook of time returns every year in May-- the Victoria Day weekend in 2008, unreasonably cold and quite beautiful with lilacs and lily of the valley and delayed cherry trees; a green and pale blue Saturday evening like a Hasui print; and the Gaiden episode of Kenren's last moments. Because the holiday weekend moves around there's no actual *date* attached to this, but-- long May weekend again, and I remember looking out the back window at the serene empty evening three years ago. Shall drink a toast to the General tonight.
pissy red dragon from tammylee

Why I wouldn't care if there was a Rapture tomorrow

Got up this morning, had breakfast, went into side bedroom, got dressed, sat down to put on socks, stood up, stab of pain in leg and buckling left knee made me sit down again very suddenly. Persuaded leg to sort of take my weight, gingerly limped downstairs, got brace and tensor bandage from bag, somehow manhandled bike down steps, trundled to walk-in clinic down the street which is closed till Tuesday. Remember second clinic near work, one-leg bike there, wait two hours, see resident doctor who (small world) is my own doctor's sub loc. He doesn't know what it is. Advises getting referral to UofT sports clinic (the ones who told me 'no arthritis' in May '06 when the MRI revealed 'severe arthritis' six months later); advises avoiding stairs; advises losing weight. Advises anti-inflammatories if my stomach will take them.

Google advises rest, ice compression and elevation. Thus my long weekend. Alone, because next door is at the cottage, where I was going too except for my knee.