April 22nd, 2011

hasui hirakawa morning

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I wanted to reread some DWJ because well obviously. But she's not a happy writer, and my experience with Fruits Basket last weekend suggests that my internal digestion is too delicate these days for anything dark and edged. Nonetheless yesterday I went to the library where I recalled seeing at least three books of hers I hadn't read. Only one was in-- other people having the same memorial urges as myself, maybe?-- and I got it as a break from this month's English reading of improving Buddhist literature and self-help handbooks.

The book was Enchanted Glass and I liked it very much. Nice adults, competent people, and a happi endo. Very manga-like and very un-DWJ. (Dead grandmothers are manga to me. Ze and... Kohri no Mamono, was it?)