February 7th, 2011

yoshitoshi: yorimasa

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Not a fan of Yoshinaga Fumi, I admit. Picked up volume 1 of Ou-oku last fall to see what the fuss was about. Engaging enough, and not following defaults, and her otoko-rashii hero was sensibly otoko-rashii, which is a nice not to say unprecedented change; but OMG the period vocabulary and OMG my fuzzy eyes, this is more work than I'm prepared for in the absence of bright bright light and reading glasses. (Yes, I can take my lenses out and read manga just fine-- if it's Sugiura Shiho or Kawasou Masumi or even Mushishi. If I'm looking up kanji and/or vocabulary in the wordtank every two minutes, not so much, cause for that I need glasses.)

So yeah, slog slog on waiting for the great romantic moment between brash young wossname and his gentle reasonable senpai that's so clearly coming. But what comes instead is... a female Yoshimune.


You do not know how much I've wanted to read a female Yoshimune. *I* did not know how much I wanted to read a female Yoshimune. If there's more of her in the series I may have to order the rest of the thing. Or... enh, this never ends well, but maybe buy it in translation? (I lie. It ends well for FMA and Death Note. But Ou-oku is not shounen.)

And may I hope for a female Oo-oka Echizen?