February 4th, 2011

discworld vetinari colour

And still she sat and still she span and still she wished for company

I made this Persian recipe for dill lima beans and rice, using organic tinned lima beans and off-the-shelf basmati. If I ever do it again I'll reverse that, because organic beans are famously bland (no salt) and 2nd grade basmati is equally bland, and the resulting dish had no flavour at all. Threw in margarine and raisins and chopped apricots and turned it into a pilau of sorts, but the main appeal of the thing is still the texture. Lima beans' gluiness has always fascinated me, ever since I was a kid and we had them with roast lamb on Sundays, but one rarely gets them in restaurants hereabouts.

Reread Making Money and am still a bit blinkety-blink at the notion that Vetinari is grooming Moist to succeed him. Moist gets rattled far too easily. Vetinari need only look at him sideways-- indeed, occasionally needn't look at him at all-- and Moist immediately starts gabbling, 'I dun it, yer onner, I confess.' He may be inspired when his mouth runs away with him, but cities are not run by spur-of-the-moment invention.

Have the weekend free for the first time in three weeks. Alas that there's nothing interesting on at the Bloor (though *next* week I could happily stay there all Sunday) so maybe perhaps I shall flog myself into some reading and writing and grammar study.