January 1st, 2011

koitsu benkei bridge

Kurotsubaki 9-11

Whenever I'm in Bookoff I check for Kawasou Masumis. She's a prolific mangaka with a couple of very long series, like Karin and Sardinaasia and Touring Express and spinoffs of the spinoffs of that last, and then something completely different, like China in the time of Sun Yatsen. And usually the random volumes are nice enough but don't grab. Kurotsubaki (Black Camellia) grabbed me but hard, though I seem to recall my first stab at it in '05 bounced off the Kyoto-ben but hard as well. No matter. The series has slipped into my Faves of all time list and holds up well against all comers.

I'm also a fan of Lots. Last time I was in NY I bought the last three volumes of Kurotsubaki-- and no, don't ask me why I hadn't got them online as is my spendthrift fashion. Maybe because I was waiting until I had Lots, given that the last one I read-- fall of '09-- was well enough but largely set in Tokyo with, I think, a look-in from some Touring Express side characters, and could have used another volume to balance it. Then I saved them for my Christmas vacation, and oh what a happy week I spent with those three volumes.
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dragons got claws!

Looking backwards

2010 was not a good year. Nothing terribly wrong, nothing at all right until the fall, and then I think I went a bit hysteric with relief. Am glad it's over, whatever, even if Eeyore here doesn't expect 2011 to be any better.

However I did do stuff this year that I've never done before, like attend a Buddhist ceremony and see Osgoode Hall on the inside and go to Peterborough (I know very little of my home province) and see the terra cotta warriors, which at least puts me one up on 2009 where I did none of those things. Nor did I realize what terra cotta means until I saw the mandatory French signage at the ROM saying 'cooked earth.'
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