December 25th, 2010


Grasshopper mind cannot settle on any one subject

Thinking back fifteen years to Christmas in Japan, a day rather like this. Morning coffee at Chat Noir, the muzak playing 'Past three o'clock and a cold frosty morn', and very nice too. Alas, in a coughing spell at work that afternoon, tore a whole bunch of intercostal muscles, and was very uncomfortable for several weeks after. Glad that's behind me, whatever. Here in TO, I open my present from incandescens which is I Shall Wear Midnight. Happy holiday reading indeed, and thank you very much. Also the Ikea knife from deepfryerfire which I'd forgotten about, since shortly after she said she'd buy it for me she fell into a moshpit and broke her elbow, IIRC. Lovely to have-- chopped veg for soup with its intensely sharp blade. Believe I'm supposed to give you a penny for it so it doesn't cut our friendship; shall do that when the PO opens again, some time in the middle of next week. PO employees are indeed the salaried leisure class in this country.
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