December 16th, 2010


Terra cotta warriors

Went to the terra cotta warriors exhibit Tuesday, on a cold blowy day of light snow. The museum's rotunda is still open, but now it's around a corner (or rather, what looks like a slanted section of grey plasterboard wall) and the two galleries opening off it are First Nations and Canadiana, and in consequence it's almost entirely devoid of people. This is sad. Even sadder is the realization that the low dark empty entrance hall *is* the entrance hall, with the only natural light coming from one angled pane of the Excrescence's glass between two of the Excrescence's angled girders, looking north out to the wall of condos on Bloor St. The museum has no architectural focus any more. The Crystal itself takes you nowhere. Oh, there's a narrow angling vertiginous stairway for those without arthritic knees and vertigo, reminiscent of something seen in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, but to get up or down otherwise you must use elevators. In its intermediate stage mid-80s, which I wasn't crazy about but dommage, the ROM had escalators but they took those out.
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