November 26th, 2010

hasui saitama mountains

Strange days have found us

Have been neglecting my internet reading lately. Today I discover that A Journey Round my Skull has been on a roll. There are these four pictures, the second of which feels like Ima Ichiko. Can't make any sense of the third-- is that a sneering camel in the foreground?-- and the fourth is one of those 'everybody has it' tropes.

Then there's a demonstration of why the 70s had some good stuff going for it (see "The id and the superego") as also why the 70s were cringeworthy as well (see "Woman's role in marriage"; unless that's satire. Can't tell.)

And finally It was the time of the giant moths. A Children's Treasury of Mark E. Smith Verse with, I gather, lyrics by The Fall. Never did punk myself; mid-70s was when the 70s stopped being any use at all; but the juxtaposition is charming.