November 7th, 2010


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I continue to be puzzled at bk1's total lack of Sugiura Shiho. They have nothing of hers at all. Zilch. Nada. Rien. Meanwhile Kohri is out in bunko and Silver Diamond has reached the 20s, but as far as jp1 is concerned she doesn't exist.

While I of course discover that the vol 20 of Kohri I have is neither vol 20 nor the end of the series. It's vol 23, so I lack 18-22 and 24. *Always* check one's manga before going to New York. But now what to do? Buying the two last bunko from amazon will cost me $80 CDN, which is ridiculous, quite apart from being bunko. Yesasia and fujisan and kinokuniya seem never to have heard of Kohri. Why, jp1, why you do this to me?
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Toronto is a city of immigrants which is what I love about it. However, other cultures don't always attach the same meanings to my culture's artifacts as I do, and this is disconcerting. In my culture, if someone is wearing pink, they're for 99% certain female. If the pink-wearer looks male at first glance, you look again, checking for stubble and so on because pink, well, is pink. Especially if it's a blushing spring rose pink. Other cultures don't do this, is why I, in my blushing spring rose pink baseball hat, was twice addressed today as Sir.

For reasons of my own, I find this dispiriting. These days I'd be happy getting a Japanese kids' 'obasan' from store clerks, which is otherwise supposed to make me cry.