October 26th, 2010


Cause it makes her feel the way she used to feel

My 100 Demons came Wednesday night. I read the first stories right away and the rest on the train to NY next day, surprised by the sudden access of joy and energy. Oh yes, *this* is what fandom is like, this is why I do it. And how long it's been since I felt that way.

But I still don't know what 'this' is exactly. Just the trip to another world, away from here-- an analgesic against the pain of everyday life? Drugs, in a word, which is what manga was for me in Japan. Or is it the lure of the different, stuff one wouldn't and couldn't think of one's self? Or simply a matter of old friends met again after a year apart? Dunno. My usual reading feels-- well, at worst medicinal-- good for you and necessary but not intended to be pleasant-- and at best, undistinguished. I read Aubrey/ Maturin because it goes down easily and at least gives me a talking point with other readers (though the other readers then engage in character-bashing or book-bashing or at the very least spoilers) and only occasionally do I feel that sense of 'new and useful' that makes reading worthwhile. Certainly it gives me nothing like the intense pleasure that 100 Demons does.
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