August 9th, 2010

hasui hirakawa morning

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There's an exhilarating sense of well-being that comes with waking on a two-(summer)-duvet morning with cool air blowing in from the window fan and one's pillows, bean-bags, bolsters, hwb, and terrycloth sheets forming a little furry animal's nest around you. All's well with the world, roll to the other side and slide back to sleep.

The cool air turns out to be not so cool as all that-- 20C or so, high 60sF-- which is doubly exhilarating. Because not so long ago the same scenario would have been 'So hot so muggy get these things off of me-- oh no, air is blowing on my arms!! so cold so clammy must cover my arms with the muggy fibre-fill duvet AKKK air is blowing on my **head** must cover my poor poor ears before they drop off ohh so hot so muggy' lather rinse repeat.

So I may hope that I'm finally into 'reboot system' following 'uninstall female program', and the world has gone back to being a rational place. Physically, at least; because otherwise it's full of people being wrong on the internet and Tantei Aoneko 5 which is... dear god, if that's her notion of story-telling (and it is: see Dog Style and SSAE) then a good thing she dropped it.