July 6th, 2010

happy cat

Behold and see, if there be any sorrow, like unto my sorrow

Fourth flat in six weeks. I know there's a lot of broken glass around these days but this is getting *old*. Have ordered puncture-resistant tires at fifty bucks a pop. Have already paid for one in inner tubes.

Went to see Babies on the weekend. Essentially nothing I haven't seen millions of times before, but I suppose it's new to some people. Was a little bemused by the Mongolian baby with his portable yurt and satellite dish in the middle of the Mongolian steppes-- where does the electricity come from? And his Lego and his Fisher-Price toys, including The Baby Killing Red Horse, which we have at work, closely supervised, because it's a baby killer. And the family's Internet-connected Mac laptop at the end (but where does the electricity come from?) Am I to take it that this is the average Mongolian life style? Roosters in the bedroom and Apple computers?

Was also impressed by the Japanese baby throwing a hissy fit because she couldn't fit the wooden rod from the stacking toy into the hole in the circular block. Impressed because most one-year olds wouldn't even *try* to put the rod into the hole; putting the circle over the rod is the best one can expect of them.