June 12th, 2010

yoshitoshi: caocao

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I should just do link dumps.

Sherlock Holmes cast with Red Cliff actors. Hu Jun as Watson? Can see. To Takeshi Kaneshiro's Holmes? Enhhhhhh.....

Chinese cast FMA. Nicolas Tse as Kimblee? Oh yes yes yes. Don't know Vincent Zhao, must check him out, but he seems not quite rugged enough for Scar.

And fourteen of the teracotta warriors will be on exhibit at the ROM starting-- tada!-- the weekend of the G20 summit that will close all buildings near Queen's Park where the protests are happening-- a stone's throw down the street from the ROM. Well, there should be enough cops around (with noise cannons) to deter anyone intent on crashing the opening party.
kirin keiki: sweet and dumb

No really, I should just link dump.

I want to dream like this.

(In fact I often do dream like this, in that I'm reading the dream I'm seeing in some fashion or other-- plot of Booker Prize novel, voice-over narration, occasionally subtitles. Though I always think of it as the dream pictures illuminating the dream text rather than the dream text commenting on the pictures, which hierarchy of focus is why I have trouble reading manga.)