May 30th, 2010

hasui hirakawa morning

More out and abouting

Mh. So what to do this Sunday? The Tibetan temple doesn't have services on Sunday. It has lectures Tuesday evening based on a text one reads in advance, and one must email to say you'd like to come and also buy the text (currently something by the Dalai Lama.) I could go back to the Zen temple but one must take off one's shoes, and various people have been implying that if you have plantar fascitis, the mere act of putting unshod foot on the ground will RIP the tendon irretrievably. So not that.

But Doors Open is still happening, and the overview had a puzzling entry: Regis College at 100 Wellesley and Queen's Park. Puzzling because that's St Joseph's College, once the Catholic women's college at UofT and then the Catholic women's residence where my mother and aunt lived in the 30's. So what's this Regis thing?
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