May 23rd, 2010

hasui hirakawa morning

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It's a great drawback for a solitary-by-nature to hate going to new places alone. This is why I never do anything new; why, when I see something that looks vaguely interesting, I never follow it up. That, and an ingrained reflex of 'they don't want me around' which has even kept me out of restaurants on occasion. However, I am determined to change all this. I'd been seeing posters around for the Buddha's Birthday celebrations at a temple fifteen minutes' bike ride away, and I've never been to a Buddhist service. (There was a Japanese Buddhist temple five minutes' walk away, but did I ever go there? No. And now it's closed.) This morning, therefore, in the face of vast reluctance and internal This will be awfuls and What if it's seizas and Suppose they proselytizes, I biked on down.
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