April 4th, 2010

hasui hirakawa morning

Time travelling again

All this talk of Dorian reminds me of my first Dorian story, A Garden in Paris. And then in a burst of utter brilliance, I think 'Wonder if there's a Streetview for the Rue Galande?' There is. And it's as narrow as I'd hoped. The only problem is that all the buildings are at least four storeys if not five or six, not the three I put in, and of course each floor is a separate apartment with no interior stair cases. Ah well, poetic licence: I wrote the thing in Tokyo and picked a likely looking street off a map.

(The fomatting of the story is a mess. I'd hand code a cleaner version but seem unable to find a way to do search and replace on whatever Word's marker for italic is, so as to convert it to < em >. Someone said it could be done but neglected to mention how. All I can discover is how to turn italics into bold or whatever, which is no help.)