March 13th, 2010

jiip happy

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I'm not thinking of trying JLPT ikkyuu this year, of course I'm not. Thrice bitten, forever shy, and it's even harder now than it was ten years back. So if homasse links to rage-inducing ANN news on youtube, I won't go watch it. No, I'll watch their international news instead, just to see how very bad my ear has become.

As witness that piece about Clinton (and how I wish she'd kept her name when she married because now I'm never sure which Clinton they mean) criticizing China over its 'turning around and around' (guruguru) problem(s). What kind of problem(s) might that be, one wonders. Oft-recurring? Chronic? Mh, no.


(At times like this I console myself with Simone de Beauvoir first encountering people enthusing over The Big Windmill (Le Grand Moulin) by an unknown writer, called Alain-Fournier.)