February 15th, 2010

jiip happy

Belatedly, for Valentine's Day

The Song of the Four Locusts!
Have you said in your heart
'My companion is lost forever?'
Yesterday I saw her!
Her heart is still (directed) towards you.
And she commanded me to declare:

She loves you.
Is this not a good thing?
Surely, she loves you.
Therefore you should rejoice!
Third prize winner. Me, I'd rejoice more if they'd just coded the Hebrew (I assume it's Hebrew) and not used a .gif. Granted, the cuneiform ones *need* .gifs...
hasui saitama mountains


Read a volume of Mushishi (in Japanese) and then, very unusually for me, tracked down some online episodes of the anime and watched one of them. And it's pretty, yes, but not nearly as resonant as the black and white manga illustrations-- or even the colour manga illustrations. The anime makes edges hard and the colours light, while Uroshibara's drawing captures exactly the softness and deepness of the Japanese countryside.
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