February 14th, 2010

ima ichiko shikigami

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About as comprehensive a list of cross-dressing manga, manhwa and anime as one could wish.

Almost. As in, why mention Ageha's cross-dress dance and omit Tatara entirely? Why mention Fisheye in Sailor Moon and not Haruka? Where's RoV and Utena? The OP asked for any kind of cross, but this poster answered with m->f crosses, and only included female crossdressing if there was already a male.

And she thinks Count D crossdresses. Which is... odd, given that she seems to be literate in Japanese and Korean. (Literate enough to read the Saiyuki novels, which is pretty literate.)

Discovered while trying to find English language pages about Touring Express minor characters whose Russian and French names are driving me bats in the TE sidestory I'm currently reading. There are none.