January 1st, 2010

birthday croc from TTG 07

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Actually did stay up late enough (studying kanji; hush, it's à chacun son goût) that the fireworks down by the waterfront drew my attention. Went to crane at the distant sparks from the study window, even though the clouds were so low-hanging that the CN Tower's lights were invisible. Recall that ten years ago was exactly the same: mild wet and overcast, but the fireworks were more spectacular then.

(I can see the tops of the lakeside fireworks, two miles away and change, only because TO is built on a gentle hill and I'm at the point where it just starts to get steep. Three blocks away I'd have an even better view.)
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Writer's tics

Just realized that my way of expressing Hakkai and Tenpou's desu-masu Japanese is to make their English Latinate. UnLatinate the English and they no longer sound like themselves to my ear. Goujun however speaks da-tai (checks: yes, even to Konzen), and I always Latinate *him*. Must unLatinate Goujun forthwith, since 'forthwith' is a word he'd never use.