December 4th, 2009


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ETA: I am going to cry. Run menu is missing from startup. I google for cures.

Right-click on the Start button
Click on Properties
Select the Start Menu tab
Press the Customize button
Select the Advanced tab
Scroll down through the Start menu items list
Check the box next to Search and/or Run

There is no Run box. Just as there is no Folder Options tab under Tools in Windows Explorer (that was for trying to export favourites.) Corrupted user profiles aren't usually this corrupt.

I'm sure dealing with this techy stuff keeps the brain cells limber and active, but right now it's a bloody pain. All I'm trying to do is set up another user on WinXP. And somehow in the same versions of IE and Firefox as I use in my own version, all the menu backgrounds are grey and none of my favourites will export; and I can't send Windows programs to the desktop by left-clicking.