October 23rd, 2009

hasui hirakawa morning

The happy highways where I went

A link from aidan_mutou reveals that there are google maps of Tokyo. You realize what this means? aerial views of 東京都練馬区平和台3丁目, my old stomping grounds (with a little tweaking, because that one takes you to Nakano).

Spent a vain hour this morning trying to find my residence, and then had to cab it to the doctor's or be late. Left the page open, came home, and suddenly saw the numbers in each chou. And then clicked something else-- and I wish I remembered what-- and got the street view. Nothing is as it was (well, one or two landmarks still exist) but I did indeed find Azalea House again. Utterly weird-- oh yeah, that rococo Spanish building down the street, I'd totally forgotten that, and the overpass on what I discover is route 441, and oh my god the street by the fields, oh yes, now I know where I am-- happily pressing the arrows along the nameless ways, exactly like being on the bicycle again, and then I get lost once more-- the conveni isn't there now, the whole plaza looks different, and that great big house on the left, I can't find it now, am I on the wrong street after all? But happy somehow to see those streets again and have proof they still exist.