September 15th, 2009

100 demons qwerty

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People are talking as if WriteRoom was the second coming of the Messiah. It fills up the screen! It removes your desktop! You can't click on your email or Firefox icons! No distractions!

My Word 2003 fills up the screen automatically, which annoys me because it makes the screen too big. So I stick the Find menu on the side to narrow my writing space. (Equally, I hate writing spaces that /don't/ take up the full screen cause the icons do indeed distract my eyes. Can't believe most people operate that way. Do they?) But when I get stuck or lose interest-- which is always-- I minimize the Word screen and go play Addiction Solitaire for hours instead. Unless I'm missing something, can't people minimize WriteRoom as well?

Possibly the option to get back the old WP green on black format (or white on blue in my case) might help productivity, but I remember the sense of freedom I found back in '99 when I first went to a black on white format. It looks like a real ms, glory be! Truly, those of us who started on typewriters think black on white is normal. Yes, that statement dates me, but then I'm dated by definition.