September 4th, 2009


Question for the LRDers

Or anyone else who knows, but I figure Singapore would have them if anyone did.

As you know, Bob, there are a plethora of Japanese-English electronic dictionaries, some of which are actually made for gaijin-- or at least, can be used by gaijin without pain. (Those Canon Wordtanks with the easy kanji lookup function and the jump function and all like that, that all gaijin swear by.) Yet when I google Chinese hanzi dictionaries, I get nothing but online applications for the computer. Yes, well.

Anyone know if there are electronic Chinese dictionaries for English speakers, that let you look up hanzi by radical and stroke number, or by pinyin, or even by drawing the character? And that preferably do *not* devote much memory to telling you how the things sound? Ever seen one of those around? Or are the electronic dictionaries all geared to Chinese speakers who want to know the English for a word?