August 25th, 2009

hasui moon at magome

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Six years ago I was gifted with half a dozen boxes of manga (or maybe it was eight boxes. It was a whole lot of manga.) I've read maybe one box since that time. (I keep putting them in different-sized boxes and mixing and matching so it's hard to tell.) Karin and Yakumo Tatsu and Daisan no Teikoku and a buncha Belnes and a buncha Sato Shios and a buncha Kamitani Yuus and a buncha Ikushima Miyas and stabs at random BL I have now forgotten. Also completely clobbered by Sanbanchou Hagiwara-ya no Bijin that makes no sense, Taishou manga or no Taishou manga.

But I went through the boxes a while back and pulled some more possibles. And now, to my surprise, I'm reading a Racish series, Abe Miyuki's Komatta toki ni wa hoshi ni kike, and can't leave it alone. It has psychology. I mean, it has psychology the way western series have psychology, upfront and analyzed, not inherent and unspoken the way it usually is. This is odd indeed, but charming. If I still prefer the way Ze does it-- pictorially-- well, I would, wouldn't I?

Just, I wish people's grandmothers would stop dying. Raizou's grandmother had me weeping like a drain all weekend, and now Takara's grandmother looks to keep me weeping all week.