August 23rd, 2009

hasui hirakawa morning

Coming up for air

So that was four volumes of Ze in two days (one was a reread.) Like 100 Demons, the last ep in this one makes me want to rush out and get a subscription to whatever magazine it runs in. Will not, because tank reading is so much more satisfying (and three tank reads are even better) and anyway there are scanlations in Chinese of the next chapter if umm I feel like working my Chinese, which right now I don't. Right now the grammar book sentences are about my limit.

Googling about for info reminds me that the stupendous happenings of vol 8 were signalled as far back as vol 1. Thus I must reread vols 1-4 to see what else I've forgotten and what further hints may have been dropped about this and that and *mostly* the structure of the Mito clan, which I know I'm not going to be told. I was hoping for a leeetle more information on who the hell Waki is anyway and didn't get that either. Still, a very satisfying read; I wish there were more manga that could hold me like that.

Also, any similarities to West End and 12 Kingdoms are doubtless totally in my imagination.