August 11th, 2009

100 demons qwerty

Headless chook

Still cannot brain. It's Tuesday evening, that I do know. Maybe it rained yesterday but I remember nothing of that. It certainly rained and thundered today, but I was washing dishes in the daycare basement and only got the hearsay when I finally emerged.

Remembering nothing, shall mention that I finished Naka Tomoko's Akushumi na Bigaku; that the quondem demon on the cover is a Chinese aesthete from Shanghai, engaged to the older, managing, and muscular daughter of a Canton triad leader; that this young man has a thing for antique dolls, and much to-ing and fro-ing is involved in stealing and retrieving an antique doll of the Chartres Duchess or whatever she is, a woman who doesn't like men in spite of having a husband and two children ('but Raoul is different.') The family may be less aristocrats than crime overlords; they have an efficient spy network and the Triad Lady is unwilling to butt heads with them. The little daughter of the family appears able to electrify people (literally-- she nearly electrocutes her father at one point) and this superhuman power is just dropped holus bolus into the sweet Motohashi-type biseinen silliness and strange high-fashion clothes. I think one is expected to read this world as some sort of relation to Patarillo!, only prettier because female-drawn. Her eyes are a dead giveaway, esp in b&w.