July 30th, 2009

woxin d'oh


I swing down to the bus station (after cursing the impossibility of finding any addresses for Greyhound agents in TO) and ask for a round-trip ticket to Kitchener on Saturday. "You're going and coming back the same day?" the guy asks. "Yup." "Well, if you buy the day itself, it's around $28. But if you buy in advance it's about $20 more." "Uhh- what? What's the usual fare?" "$48 plus tax." "Uh. Oh. I see." Henh-- thought you could avoid lining up with the throngs for hours on a holiday Saturday, did you? Showed you, we did.

I still can't see the logic of that at all. Don't you *want* some idea in advance of how many people want to go to somewhere before you start filling your buses up with bodies?