July 28th, 2009

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From all over-- 1000 things to miss or not about Japan. A woman who's lived there twenty years and is returning in 2012. (Mh. *She* says. People who stay longer than twenty years never seem to actually make it back. For one thing, what do they have to come back to, one wonders? It's like returning from the fairy mounds.) She's listing daily one thing she'll miss and one she won't about the country. And one can't argue with tastes, but some of what she says makes me raise a wondering eyebrow. Maybe I've been back too long, but I never noticed people standing on the left on escalators. People *standing* on escalators and not moving, yes, which offended my busy-busy Torontonian soul, even though the 'stand right, walk left' rule here has been decried as dangerous. You shouldn't walk on escalators at all, apparently.

Equally, clean toilets... In department stores, yeah, the cleaners moved in regularly. Indeed, in the train stations they moved in regularly too, which was a nuisance because then you couldn't use the washroom at all. But they *had* to, because squat toilets meant the stalls became disgusting in very short order. If Tokyo has been phasing out squat toilets in the last seven years I shall rejoice, and not believe it. In my day people in front of me in the line would happily yield me the western toilet when it came free and wait for a Japanese one. (And in fairness one must add that we manage to make almost as much mess with our western stalls and no excuse, except that people are probably hovering above the toilet seat and the female anatomy is no more designed for aiming accurately here than there.)

But mostly it's #7 on the Won't Miss--Urban Ugliness. Collapse )