July 7th, 2009

dragons got claws!

Pleasant pastimes

Came home from my cortisone shot to a package in the mailbox. Good, my Judge Dee from England arrives almost promptly. Gather necessary impedimenta ie current manga, wordtank, current novel, current 3K volume, package, and mandatory icepack for the mandatory six hours with feet up following shot. Finish current novel (Gifts), current manga (Ouchy Romanse 2) (both gifts from kickinpants saved for just such an occasion as the present; and thank you again, TTG) and turned to open package to suss out my new book. Which was smaller than I'd thought-- somehow I had the idea it was a hardcover-- and heavy, and was not a book at all but nojojojo's prezzy zooming up from Noo Yawk.

Chinese vocab fridge magnets; children, Chinese studying, for the use of. Equally useful for Canuck obasans doing the same. I can't put them on my fridge as yet because a repairman's coming to look at it tomorrow; but I spent a happy half hour trying to express Kliban's poem in Chinese:
My cat is fat so I will dine
And eat up all this cat of mine.
'我的貓是大;我吃我的大猫' Well OK, 'my cat is *big*', and I'm not sure how the future works in Chinese, if it works, or intentionality, if that's what it is, and the grammar book is downstairs. But this is still loads of fun. Thank you so very much, N!