July 5th, 2009

yoshitoshi: yorimasa

The blue-green storm

This, you see- this is what we've lost with global warming and built-up inner cities: the cool nights after the hot July sun. Averages this time of year are 14C/ upper 50sF. But that's an average. There should be nights when it goes down to 12 or 10, the low 50sF, and there rarely are anymore. But Friday night it was 12, and Saturday I woke to a lovely blue green world free from smog. Wish we could have that all the time. (And no, sadly, when it does cool with rainy season weather, grey wet and humid, it isn't invigorating at all. As in Tokyo, bearable and melancholy-pleasant, but not invigorating.)

Unfortunately my insides were reacting to Refrigerator Stress (I assume, because there's no other stress I can think of) and so I spent the afternoon in the rocking chair reading a cheerful mid-series Kirishima manga and starting on Ouchy Romanse 2. Which is pleasant and sweet except that mangaka /will/ draw 14 year olds that look 10 (and 6 year olds that look two) so the whole thing reads just a tad shota to my eye.