June 20th, 2009

foxfire foxes

OK, so maybe we're not holographs after all

So, about those vanishing texts.
I try to persuade myself that it's just me remembering incorrectly what book the thing I'm looking for is in. In the one case where I finally found the missing text, that's what happened. The story of a wastrel son that I remembered being in Tales from a Ming Collection was actually in An Anthology of Chinese Literature. I've never succeeded in finding the story of the girl who elopes but leaves herself at home, that I remember being in the same Tales.

It is, in fact, in Black Water 2, a copy of which I picked up off someone's lawn ten days ago and opened today, because starting Charles Williams' All Hallow's Eve made me wonder if BW2 had the short story by him that I remember as being in one of the Black Water collections. It doesn't. Must be one of the others, unless it's in 'The New Yorker Book of Short Stories' or something.

Still, I'm cheered. At this rate I may eventually find my disappearing Chinese poem about the east wind, with Chinese text and notes.

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