May 11th, 2009

hasui hirakawa morning

Damned kids

I don't want to have to type with my two fingers every time I want to read dreamwidth entries and their comments. Nor do I want to have to look at DW's eyesearing love affair with shades of orange. But I must do one or the other if I want to read stuff on DW. I can see, as with lj, that I'll have to get an account eventually (ie style = mine) or deal with hassle. But for the moment it appears to be mostly Loud Twits who've moved to DW (you can see them being resounding asses and tinkling cymbals on MF: also, who is telesilla and was she always like that?) and I prefer not.

Possibly it's time to retire from fandom and get a life, as my FL has done.
hasui hirakawa morning

Premiers pas/ toddle toddle

I continue to be entranced by the worlds that open when you know a little-- a very little-- Chinese. The beginning of Heike Monogatari, say, which incandescens happily reminds me of.


As expounded here.
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